tradition redefined

Murphy High School has a long tradition of excellence in the classroom, on the sports field, and beyond. 

We are holding tight to our traditions as Alabama's longest-serving public high school while redefining the student experience. 

The mission of Murphy High School is to provide students with a rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum with opportunities to earn college credit while completing a high school curriculum. 

The vision of Murphy High School is to provide college and career preparatory programs aligned with student career interests. The highly-qualified staff and faculty will offers its students a diverse, challenging and focused education to prepare them for success and fulfillment in a competitive world. 

School colors: Blue and gold were chosen as the school’s colors in 1852 by the first graduating class of Barton Academy. The blue represents the color of southern skies, and the gold reflects the bold brightness of the sun. 

Mascot: Panther.

School creed: Let me remember that, if I am really to live, I must live my own life. 

For when I pretend to be someone else, to claim someone else’s ideas and knowledge, I am not actually living at all. 

Let me be constantly broadening the horizons of my own understanding, my own knowledge, my own beliefs; striving to be, when each day dies, better than the morning found me. 

Let me learn to be a giver in this school fellowship and not one who takes and only takes. 

Let me seek to share my knowledge, my zeal, and my faith through service to those about me. 

Let the light of my enthusiasm and friendship so shine that others may be guided aright. 

Let me find my task and ever have the courage and persistence to do it. 

Let me keep my standards on a plane that will be a credit to my home, an honor to my school, a strength to myself, and an influence for my Creator. 

And, o’er all else, in the living of these high school days—let my life be a true expression of what “I” believe. 

Alma Mater: In days of old, when Spaniards bold, were sailing Mobile Bay, A dream was born one early morn. That dream’s come true today. Now colleges and high schools too may have traditions old. But none can boast the glorious birth of Murphy’s Blue and Gold. 

They built a shrine to knowledge fine, they called it Murphy High. A soul was there, a soul so fair, whose spirit shall never die. They took the blue of deepest hue, the blue of southern sky. They took the gold from the sun so old, the colors of Murphy High. 

Student enrollment and allocation: 1,500 under new program. 

Courses of study: Global Studies (including International Baccalaureate); College Preparatory (featuring University of Alabama Early College); Culinary Arts; Military-Leadership; Fine Arts; and Dual Enrollment. 

Additional Activities include:          Volunteer/service hours: Each student will be required to complete a minimum of 25 service hours prior to graduation.

Advisor/Advisee: Each student will be assigned an advisor to meet with at least twice monthly to discuss academic progress and to receive post-secondary advice. 

Senior Project: Each student will present a senior project, or culminating activity, which includes an overview of an internship experience and a completed secondary plan.

Dress Code: Appropriate behavior is mandatory for Murphy High students, and correct uniform attire is required at all times. The proposed uniform is: 

- Navy blazer with Murphy High School emblem. 

- White button-down shirt (with or without emblem).

- Khaki pants

- Black lace-up or slip-on loafers (no visible brands or logos). 

- Black belt. 

- Girls may wear a uniform skort in navy or navy and white check. 

- All students will wear a grade-level color-coded ID badge and lanyard. 

- No requirement for outerwear worn outside the building.