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students explain what they love about murphy. 

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Mariana Orozco

"I love the history of Murphy High School and all of the architecture. I love how diverse the student body and the staff are. Our teachers prepare you for your future by giving you valuable advice. At Murphy, I have learned how to accept each other's differences, and I have learned to have a good work ethic."

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Emery Neean

"Murphy High School is a good place to come and better yourself. The friends you make and the experiences you have will last a lifetime. Even though high school goes by fast, you'll create a lot of memories here with people you love. My classes and teachers have challenged me and prepared me for college."

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Daniel booth

"Murphy has prepared me for life by providing me with the opportunity to take college classes. Knowing how to communicate with professors, plan with academic advisers, organize my schedule and register for classes helped me with problem-solving and time-management skills. When I graduate from Murphy, I will enter college as a sophomore and save more than $15,000 in tuition alone." 

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Trenity Bridges

"I love Murphy. I love being part of Student Government, and I especially love the dance program. Murphy gives you plenty of chances to get involved and it prepares you for your future.  I've taken several college classes. Through Murphy, I was able to intern with the City of Mobile. I really liked doing that, and now I want to study political science and social work in college." 

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Will Locker

"I like how rigorous the classes here at Murphy are. Murphy High School prepares for you very well. A lot of smart students go here. You can make a lot of good friends here. I'm on the soccer team, and there are lots of good sports teams and extracurricular activities."

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Jayuanna harris

"Murphy High School has been my home for the past four years. It's like a big family. That's what I love the most. I take UA Early College classes and AP classes. In my JROTC classes, I am learning about time management and leadership at the same time. The academics here are great, and so are the teachers and faculty. Who wouldn't want to come to Murphy?"

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Jessica byers

"I feel like Murphy is a great high school to come to because it actually prepares you for your future. You gain experiences that will help you with your future through our different academies. For example, I know that I'm going to be a chef." 

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carter matthews

"It's good to know that it's not going to be such a financial burden when I go to college because I've already taken college classes at Murphy. If you earn 17 credit hours, you automatically get into college. UA Early College here has prepared me for college and for even more."

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"Murphy High School has not only prepared me for college, but for life by teaching me the importance of appreciating opportunity. I am currently taking classes at the University of Alabama and the University of South Alabama. At Murphy, it is up to the students to learn and take advantage of what is being offered. I am very thankful that Murphy has truly given me the chance to be enriched in academics, community, and opportunities that will benefit me for the rest of my life."

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Antonio Pelliccione

"I've only been at Murphy High School for a short amount of time, but everyone has been so welcoming. It's a good school, especially with the JROTC program. I have already joined the Army - I am an E-1 - and the JROTC program has taught me a lot of valuable skills."